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Building a dependable team and servicing quality products were the first steps taken by Oscar Chambers when he opened his doors in 1909. Back then the company operated under a different name, Crescent Battery & Light Company, and manufactured and sold only boat and car batteries. Being situated in the heart of New Orleans off Canal Street may not have been the safest location for a start-up business, but it did attract attention and a steady clientele who in turn appreciated the professional care and courtesy they received.

Eventually this thriving business would be passed on to his son, Henry Chambers, who by the early 1940s not only manufactured batteries, but began to distribute them as well. However, these were not just your everyday, run-of-the-mill batteries. They were the epitome of craftsmanship. Chances are if you purchased a Crescent battery in these early years your battery would have lasted an entire decade! (They were manufactured that soundly.) Like everything else this company handled, if it was not done right, it simply was not a Chambers product.

By 1982 the original company, Crescent Battery & Light Co., merged with the secondary company, Chambers Industrial Supply. Two years later Henry Chambers retired and his son, Richard Chambers, who had joined the firm in the early 1970s, started overseeing the firm’s daily operations. Not long thereafter his sister Cheryl came on board and since that time the organization has remained a closely held Louisiana corporation.
Specializing in a variety of industries, this Harahan, Louisiana based firm has kept its prices extremely competitive while expanding the breadth of its services. Throughout its long history–from turn-of-the-century manufacturer to manufacturer’s representative and distributor–Chambers has never lost sight of its primary responsibility–the customer. For example, to help assist its clients CIS expanded its product line with enclosures, which continue to receive an extremely warm welcome in the current market. As for the other products and companies it represents, please see the product page.


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