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Letter from the President: 

This is Rick Chambers from Chambers Industrial Supply Inc.


As of recent there has been some developments in the Commercial Marine as well as all Industrial Applications and we wanted to let you know LaMarche (​)​ and we at Chambers Industrial Supply Inc.​ ( are here to help you with any future Battery and/or Battery Charger requirements for sizing and providing you with the most recent technologies available.


If you have any question or any items you may need quotations on please feel free to give us a call.  If you would like someone to make an appointment for a visit we are here for that as well.


I have attached 2 recent mailings we did that introduces some New Products.  I hope you find these helpful.


Thanking ​you in advance for your time and hope that we can help you with any future needs.




Rick Chambers

Chambers Industrial Supply Inc.


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