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Terms & Conditions 

Revised 3/1/18


All items purchased that need to be Ordered, and/or Manufactured for specific orders ARE NON-CANCELLABLE AND NON-RETURNABLE once the Material is in the Manufacturing Stage with our Manufacturers.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL APPLY !


On items that are “standard” stock only may qualify for return but may be subject to restocking fees. These may still be deemed non-returnable by Chambers once inspected.  Only items un-used and un-opened may qualify if purchased within 30 days of return request.


All items are FOB Shipping Origin (NOT DESTINATION).  Unless other arrangements are made Shipping will be PREPAID and ADDED to all prices and shipped by Best Available Carrier unless the Customer specifies to be billed 3rd Party and provides a Carrier Contact, Account Number, Etc.


Prepaid freight will only be allowed IF specified that way in our Quotation(s).  


If additional packaging is required by Chambers Industrial prior to Shipping there will be a small Handling fee added to cover packaging material and will be included in the S&H (Shipping and Handling) charge on our Invoice(s).

Cash, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover (Add 3.5%) & AMEX (Add 5%), Cash In Advance.  
30 Days (Upon Form Completion & Approval) 
Should any account become delinquent, a 1½% per month service charge will be applied to the past due invoice.
  • A separate invoice (FC#) will be issued for Finance Charges and will state to what Invoice the charges are being applied.
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